The Visual Epidemiology Project at Yale University

Research is the fundamental core of advancing global health – reliable data provide the fuel to mobilize governments and shift policy.


But stories provide the spark that lights the fire.

Visual Epidemiology’s primary educational componentthe Visual Epidemiology Project at Yale University Schools of Public Health and Medicine, trains emerging medical and public health leaders how to translate their data-drivem academic research into a personal narrative. This novel course, offered under the Health Policy and Administration Division of the Yale School of Public Health and under the guidance of the Yale Global Health Leadership Initiative, is open to all graduate and medical students. The course grounds students in fundamental research concepts, while also training them in filmmaking techniques, such as camera operation, story structure, editing, and scoring. At the end of the course, the students present both an academic paper and a short film on their selected topic.


Vision and Purpose of the Project at Yale University

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